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Bordeaux wine is in crisis

Bordeaux wine is in crisis

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it's an article speak about trend for the Bordeaux wine and its hazards, of its decline this year and the reasons why it declined
an emblematic figure in the wine sector in Portugal, DIRK NIEPOORT
it is an article on the subject of the most emblematic character in the wine sector in portugal and his estate
Wine tourism, a new way to discover wine.
Wine tourism is the set of tourist services oriented towards the discovery of wine, terroirs and wine-growing culture. This practice began in the 1970s in California where all farms opened with a restaurant and a guest room. Since the 1980s, the dynamics of wine tourism has accelerated. It is driven by a consumer's desire to become an actor in his or her wine-making experience. There are several ways to live your wine tourism experience: in the c
Which are the innovative companies in the wine sector ?
An overview of innovative companies and startups that are changing the way we consume wine. We will see the latest apps and objects.
Which cork for a bottle of wine?

Which cork for a bottle of wine?

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In the first place, the cork prevents the wine from flowing or evaporating, but it also has an impact on the conservation of your wine, allowing it to age better. Let us not forget also that the storage position of the wine bottle in your cellar is not insignificant, it varies according to the container but also according to the type of cork used. Let's discover the different types of wine bottle caps on the market, their advantages and disadvant
A look at the new wine consumption style in 2019
it's a blog that talks about new trends in the world of wine and consumption habits in 2019
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