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the primeurs of Bordeaux

the primeurs of Bordeaux

Les Primeurs de Bordeaux at the Petit Ballon has become an unmissable tradition, a unique event that allows you to buy your wines several years before they become available. The perfect opportunity to access great wines at reduced prices. Whether you are an amateur or an expert.

To understand this 2020 vintage, let's first talk about the weather.

The climate was rather chaotic in 2020 for the winemakers. There was a mild winter, a rainy spring and a scorching summer. Each of the seasons has an impact on the vines. The summer heat of 2020 had unexpected results,
For example, harvesting in the rain at certain times and other delicate weather conditions that made more than one winemaker swoon.

As for the terroirs, depending on the soils, they have more or less influenced the final wine. The right bank, with its more clayey soil, kept water in reserve to support the summer heat wave. The challenge was more difficult for the left bank, which is more draining. The grapes will therefore be under a little more stress there. Overall, the vines resisted well to the attacks of mildew with a simultaneous humidity and heat after the flowering.

As far as the harvest is concerned, the base period was between September 15th and October 15th and at the end of August for the white wines in some cases.

To sum up, on the right bank, for those who picked the Merlot and avoided the two rainy periods during the harvest, the wines will be superb. On the left bank, with a little patience, the Cabernet Sauvignon will also be very pretty and the Petit Verdot absolutely sublime, which is rare.

In conclusion, the 2020 vintage will be between 2017 and 2018 and looks very interesting. As for prices, they should remain stable compared to 2019, although 2018 prices were the expected reference... Let us not forget the commercial timidity of the American and Chinese markets.

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