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Types of Agriculture and Natural Wines

Types of Agriculture and Natural Wines

There is no doubt that the consumers are more aware than ever about the the techniques of
agriculture and the use of chemical products in wine, not only for the aim of respecting the
envioremnt but also for the atractive aromas and flavours that wines develop when they are
made in this way.

In terms of agriculture, we could distinguis three broad groups, conventional, organic and
byodinamic agriculture, in the first one the use of pesticides and chemical products is
permited, but the use of this solutions is becomig lower and lower because of the negatives
effects that it can have on the soil and on the enviroment.

Secondly, in the Organic agriculture only a few chemical products are permited, and instead
the producers try to understand the natural processes of the vine and the enviroment in order
to administer these products in the precise momento and in the mínimum quantity posible.

On the other hand we have the Byodinamic agriculture, where the use of artificial substances
is not permited, and more than a technique, is a phylosophy created by Rudolf Steiner in 1920,
that understand the vine as part of the world and the solar system, and try to develop an
agriculture that is in tune with this systems, always using natural solutions to the possible
problems in the vine.

And to finish we can not forget the natural wines, that is also a really important trend in the
wine market, more than a type of agriculture, is a style of winemaking that try to intervene the
less as possible in the process, basicly understood as wine juice natural fermented.

In order to adapt our catalog to these new trends, in EnjoyWine we have classified all our
wines in the four categories described above, you can find it directly in our website, and if you
have any doubt of course you can ask to our team of sommeliers who Will be glad to attend


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