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New Release : Tequila Clase Azul - Día de los Muertos 2021

New Release : Tequila Clase Azul - Día de los Muertos 2021

The Day of the Dead has been celebrated in Mexico since before the arrival of the Spanish. It was a celebration common to all cultures of that time in which the fate of the dead was marked by the way of life the person had lived. With the arrival of the Spaniards, the festivity became mestizo and added new Catholic elements and meanings.

It is celebrated all over the country with large demonstrations, decorations and costumes. It is undoubtedly one of the most important festivities in Mexico.


For this very special occasion, Clase Azul Spirits, the luxury spirits brand, launches a limited collection of its handcrafted tequilas.

With a very strong demand for these collectible bottles, the new collection "Nuestros Recuerdos" launched this year will continue until 2025.


This first design is called "Sabores" and is inspired by the cooking traditions of the Day of the Dead. It is limited to 5000 pieces.


Available from the 1st of November on our website.

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