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Which are the innovative companies in the wine sector ?

Which are the innovative companies in the wine sector ?

A traditional and local product by excellence, wine is nevertheless a powerful, dynamic and innovative economic sector. There are more than a thousand startups in the world, which revolve around wine. All new technologies are being used to revolutionize the way we consume wine! Moreover, born in France in 2016, WineTech quickly spread to many other countries. Start-ups of all nationalities have joined the movement to create together the first global coordination of companies innovating in the wine sector. Nearly 70 companies are now part of it.

First, since 2010, mobile applications have multiplied, revolutionizing the way we choose a bottle of wine. It is no longer up to you to become an expert, but to them to provide you with the solution. They rely on basic technologies such as geolocation to analyze your purchasing situation, image recognition to inform you about the bottle you have in hand or intelligent algorithms to analyze your needs and tastes. For example, the Danish wine unicorn Vivino is crushing the market with its community of some 25 million users. It is followed by New Zealand's Wine-Searcher, a specialist in comparing the prices of different distributors.

Other more original applications are developing. The startups Les Grappes and TWIL (The Wine I Love) seek to eliminate intermediaries by allowing their community to buy wine growers directly. Their approach is simple, social and direct. Finally, there are many applications that support you in your purchasing process through the virtual management of your cellar (Vitiplace, Cavissima, Smartcave).

Secondly, new accessories are emerging that change the way we consume wine. In particular, there is the D-Vine machine that serves a glass of decanted wine, aerated and brought to the ideal temperature, as a professional sommelier would have done. The concept goes so far as to make the wine bottle disappear, replaced by 10cl bottles that are easier to store and transport. The "Nespresso of wine" was born. There is also Coravin. The concept is simple: serve yourself a glass of wine without having to open the bottle, thanks to a needle system that pierces the cork without damaging it. Finally we can talk about MyOeno Scan. Immersed in your wine glass, it analyses its main oenological characteristics and presents them to you via a mobile application. During your tastings, he learns the style of your favourite wines and offers you wines to suit your taste.

As you will have understood, all these innovations are likely to trigger a profound change in our wine consumption habits. Nevertheless, wine production is closely regulated by the laws of nature and those of the States. Thus these specificities still protect winegrowers from any threat of " uberization " of their profession.

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