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Huge fires have ravaged Australia since late September. Concerned winemakers.

Huge fires have ravaged Australia since late September. Concerned winemakers.

As fires continue to wreak havoc in the country, medical organizations warn of the health emergency caused by toxic fumes. Accompanied by intense heat, these fumes are also of concern to wine producers, especially those in the Hunter Valley, in New South Wales, in the south-east of the country, one of Australia’s main producing regions. Fire smoke can pass through the skin of the grapes during their maturation, giving the wine produced with these grapes a smoky taste. Here are some comments from winemakers:


"Fortunately, we haven’t been touched yet. We had two horrible days with heat and wind but we didn’t have a fire in our home. However, it is absolutely catastrophic for the affected regions. In South Australia, the wine region of Adelaide Hills has suffered extensive damage, Kangaroo Island, New South Wales and Victoria State are still fighting fires. Our firefighters do an incredible job, everyone is united and mobilized. It will take a long time for our country to recover, but we are all determined to recover as quickly as possible. The support and assistance of the people is extraordinary and the generosity is incredible.”


"Fortunately for us, the major fires in South Australia were 30 minutes away. The hills of Adelaide have lost about 1/3 of their vineyard, with some either completely destroyed or severely damaged. The largest fire on Kangaroo Island, just off the coast of Adelaide, burned almost a third of its surface, about 170,000 hectares. The ground is extremely dry and we still have two months left with the fire season. But we hope we won’t have any more of that magnitude. We’ll start harvesting, I think, in about four weeks.”
Charlie and Virginia MELTON


“It is tragic and terribly sad what is happening on the east coast of Australia and in many parts of Australia. However, we are privileged at this point not to experience drought, fire or smoke.”


Fortunately, there is no impact on our region so far. There has been no fire in the Clare Valley. However, summer is far from over. We remain vigilant and attentive.”
Stephanie and Jeff GROSSET

The entire Enjoy Wine team hopes that the fires in Australia will stop soon. We support Australian citizens and winemakers.

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