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Aging is an important concept regarding spirits

Over time, some alcohols improve, and this is particularly the case for liquors.

Virtues of aging on the quality of liqueurs :

One of the specificities of the liqueurs of Les pères Chartreux lies in the fact that they improve with time, so that we can consider the latter as an ingredient in its own right of the Charterhouse and its excellence. From the 19th century certain labels specify that "age considerably increases the quality of the liqueur from the Grande Chartreuse".

Indeed over time the liquor works and gains in finesse, the burning of alcohol fades while more subtle secondary aromas emerge. The yolks, more sought after because of this, evolve more quickly and more notoriously, a form of patina developing after fifteen years. This evolution is less pronounced and slower for green liquor because of its 55 °. This is also the case for old cognac and armagnac.

A good illustration of the influence of time is to compare a base liquor with a chartreuse VEP (Exceptionally Long Aging (in barrel)), so that this speaks for itself so much the difference is eloquent.

This is our special offer on old liquors :

And, our special offer on old Cognac and Armagnac :


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      Jan 14, 2020

      Bjr , vous avez pas mal de vielles chartreuses , auriez vous une offre sur des periodes 1985? a m 'envoyer svp a mon email directement merci

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      Jan 14, 2020

      Merci à la Team Enjoy ! J'ai dégusté grâce à vous la chartreuse verte de 1966-1982, qui était sompteuse : pas de sensation d'alcool et des parfums insoupçonnés !

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