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Any lover of good wine has of course already heard of Priorat. The historical origin of wine in the region is very old, but it is from the Middle Ages that the region takes its name when French monks come to found a priory there (priorat). The quality of Priorat wine is also recognized since it even holds the Denomination of Origin Qualified (DOQ) which few products manage to obtain.

The success of Priorat is due, among other things, to the intelligent blend of the two grapes, the Carinyena black grape and the Garnatxa. From this marriage is born a red wine, burgundy color, robust, with a dense and rich flavor, and an intense aroma.

Let us pray. After all, Priorat means priory, the territory prides itself on having some of the oldest charterhouses on the peninsula. Above all, let us pray that prices will not increase further and we will get started without delay! In thirty years, his wines have entered the world elite thanks to the voluntarism, at the end of the 1970s, of René Barbier (Clos Mogador), Alvaro Palacios, Daphné Glorian (Clos Erasmus) or Carlos Pastrana (Clos de l'Obac ).

A new generation takes over and fascinates as much with its inimitable red wines, like the colorful winegrowers Eben Sadie and Dominik Huber, the Trio Infernal (Peter Fischer, Jean-Michel Gerin and Laurent Combier), the young Ester Nin or the highly visible Fredi Torrès. These are just a few examples taken from so many others, in this 1,600 ha territory that is so difficult to work. In this isolated mountainous region, dominated by the Sierra de Montsant range, the sun is strong and the slope is often steep.

Llicorella. The Priorat treasure is there, in these black and brown slate schist soils, where the roots of the vines suck up the mineral salts and fill up with the very special taste. Planted on the slope or in terraces, cut into goblets or on stakes, the Grenache and Carignan stocks are the real stars of Priorat.

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