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Born 31 October 1974, Tarragona, Spain

Education Degree in Winemaking & Wine Marketing

Jaume Ciurana School of Oenology

Degree in specialist winemaking studies

Rovira i Virgili University, Tarragona

Career :

1997: Celler El Masroig cooperative in Montsant, winemaker 

2007: first vintage at Cellers de Scala Dei 

2008: first vintage of RAR

2014: first vintage at Abadía de Poblet

Family : Married to oenologist Magda Pellicer; two children Guillem and Bernat 
Hobbies : Mountain-biking, reading, eating out

Priorat was reborn in the 1990s when five winemakers together made international headlines.

Rofes remembers: ‘I was 21 when I made my first wine, and in those days I wanted to be a famous winemaker. Priorat was all about René [Barbier], Alvaro [Palacios], Carles Pastrana, Daphne Glorian and Josep Lluís Pérez. Then when I came to Scala Dei, “click!”,

I realised the protagonist is not the person, but the place. The weight of tradition, that legacy, can’t be modified by someone who is spending 10 or 20 years there. There have been many people before you, and there will be many after you. The best you can do is to leave it as good or better than you found it.’ He stresses: ‘The wines of Ricard Rofes don’t exist. It’s the wine made by the land and the grapes.’

Rofes has become one of the leaders in Spain’s Garnacha revival, producing some exceptional wines. ‘The irony is that in my first job at Masroig all the wines were based on Cariñena. It’s much warmer in Montsant, and Cariñena has more acidity, tension and a lower pH. I didn’t like Garnacha at all.’

Building a legacy

Now Rofes is becoming something of a godfather to a new generation. Fernando Mora MW says: ‘He’s serious – he wants people to learn.’ In 2017, Roc Gramona Simó, the next generation of the Gramona family, biodynamic growers and makers of traditional-method sparkling wines, worked with Rofes as assistant winemaker. ‘Ricard is very accessible. He’s humble. He’s from the region. He’s like Joan Asens – he gives you freedom, he’s not a control freak. Working with Ricard you learn to be somuch more respectful of the fruit.’

‘Ricard took on the role of a leader in the winemaking community, which had been missing from Priorat’

Arthur O’Connor, Last article of the Decanter.

The RARet selection of Ricard Rofes : 

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The RAR White of Ricard Rofes : 

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The Rar Esencia White 2017 : 


The RAR 4 2010 : 

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