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Best Italian wine by B.I.W.A. : Valpolicella Dal Forno



Coming from the fourth generation of a family of winemakers, Romano Dal Forno grew up with the love of his region and an indestructible and obsessive passion for his work and the continuous improvement of the quality of his great wines. Since the establishment of the estate in 1983 in the Illasi valley east of Verona, with a continental climate, the whole family has been committed to its side to create the living myth that has become Dal Forno.

A tireless worker, Romano is supported by his three sons: Marco, Luca and Michele.

His neighbors in Valpolicella say of him: "He does not only know each stem of his vines, he also knows and is familiar with each bunch! ".


The estate now has 26 ha of vines, with an incredible density of 12,800 vines / ha.

Gifted with a great visionary talent, Romano made an extremely meticulous selection of the feet of his domain, and which led him to take the courageous decision to eliminate the traditional molinara from his assemblies, for the benefit of the Oseleta he reintroduced alongside Corvina, Corvina Grossa, Rondinella and Croatina.

The domain produces only 3 exceptional vintages:

A Valpolicella Superiore, made with the same care as Amarone, and whose berries are dried for 4 to 6 weeks, which gives the wine an exceptional aromatic intensity.


An Amarone from the oldest vines in the area, and whose berries undergo a 3 month drying, giving the wine strength and elegance (100 kg of grapes give barely 15 l of this precious Amarone).


A Recioto, undisputed jewel in the Dal Forno crown and considered as the “noble father” of Amarone, produced in micro-quantity exclusively during exceptional vintages, and produced from vineyards oriented from east to west near Trenago on clay soils -chalky.

The incredible work in the vineyard, the absolute mastery of the wood during the aging and the meticulous care taken during the drying allow Romano Dal Forno to reach the absolute summit of the expression of Amarone and Valpolicella, today now named best wine in Italy by the great Italian institution Best Italian Wine Awards. In 30 years, Romano's absolute quest for quality has made it possible to raise its Dal Forno estate to the best in the world.




You can found all our Dal Forno wine by clicking here :



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      Feb 28, 2020

      Muy interesante !!! Probaré los 2013 Los 2012 que les compro son de gran complejidad pero aún muy jovenes

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