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Henri Jayer, born February 6, 1922 in Vosne-Romanée and died September 20, 2006 in Dijon, is a French winemaker to whom we owe the introduction of important innovations in the vinification of burgundies.

He was particularly renowned for the quality of his Pinot Noir.

Jayer was a pioneer of the now widespread idea that successful winemaking begins with the vineyard.

“A great wine is made in the vineyard, not in the cellar. "
- Henri Jayer

Jayer opposed the heavy use of chemicals in the vineyards and defended plowing for weed control. He was firmly committed to the development of winemaking techniques, convinced that low yields were the basis for obtaining high quality wines. Jayer was also famous for his refusal to filter his wines and his permanent recourse to destemming of the grape unlike other Burgundy winegrowers who even today leave the stems of the grapes in the grinder when the cuvée does not have enough tannins . This technique has the effect of adding tannins with a greener and bitter character which Jayer hated.

Henri Jayer’s wines represent the most perfect Pinot Noir in terms of fruit and harmony. Its generic Burgundy was enough to arouse the most skeptical.
His wines were always marked by fruit and elegance, and that's what he wanted from Pinot Noir. He also wanted a wine that was well structured but not forced by an extraction that would have reduced his harmony. A great Burgundy should be drunk young and last for decades. The difference between an exceptional year and a “small” year is mainly seen in the aging potential.

Its wines have an unusual characteristic: it is difficult to give them an age by tasting them. He said: "When my wines are young, they are aged, when they are old, they are rejuvenated".

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