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Champagne’s healthy benefits

Champagne’s healthy benefits

Champagne is a drink renowned and appreciated all over the world, especially for the finesse of its bubbles and its taste.


But according to some studies, champagne could also be good for your health, provided you consume it in moderation.


A small glass of champagne could therefore bring you this:


- An invaluable aid for the memory: according to a study of the University of Reading, the consumption of one to three glasses of champagne per week could help to preserve our cognitive functions, in particular the memory. Champagne could therefore be an ally in the prevention of diseases like Alzheimer's.


- Reduced risk of stroke and heart problem: champagne contains polyphenols. However, these molecules have antioxidant properties. Although less present than in the wine due to the grape varieties used, polyphenols help improve the functioning of blood vessels.



So it was not without reason that there was a time when champagne was used as a remedy for many causes. We also find the trace in scientific publications of the beginning of the XXth century.


But if we also believe the writings of this period, champagne could also increase your happiness: its sparkling side due to the presence of carbon dioxide, increases the euphoric effect of alcohol!


But then again, don't forget the moderation or the effects will be quite different.


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