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Alcohol and Confinement

Alcohol and Confinement

As Europe approaches 2 months of confinement, one wonders what the consequences are for people's activities.


As we can see very widely on social networks, sport is the big trend of the moment. Many people have decided to use the time they have to regain control of their bodies. And that’s a good thing, regular physical activity is good for your health.


But confinement can also reveal other more dangerous addictions. Thus, from the start of confinement, we have seen an increase in the number of video aperitifs in several countries, or people drinking alcohol to relax and pass the time, suggesting that a sharp increase in alcohol consumption was to be expected. And thus lead to dependencies and dangerous behavior (like Morbihan in France, which had to ban for several days the sale of alcohol following the appearance of several cases of domestic violence).


But ultimately, the long-awaited increase did not ultimately take place in the long term. On the contrary, it would seem that the trend is downward. A sign of maturity and reasoning on the part of the population?

Alcoholics are even sounding the alarm for some with a drop in turnover close to 50%.


But we have also seen great initiatives “thanks” to alcohol: in Poland, seized contraband alcohol was used to produce hydroalcoholic gel, or the Pernod Ricard group which used its factories to also produce this famous freeze whose global demand has exploded.


So, alcohol during confinement, why not, but as usual, always in moderation!

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      Thanks a lot ! I just received my order, and everything was perfect! I'm going to taste the bottles at home without risks.

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