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Grosset Riesling : Sweetness from Australia

Grosset Riesling : Sweetness from Australia

Australian rieslings have this typicality of making wines of a moderate degree of alcohol while having a very marked mineral identity. They are rieslings which evolve well over time, on semi-aging at 10- 15 years, possibly 20 years.


These rieslings mineralize and evolve a little faster than what we are used to find on continental climates, in our old Europe. They still make good aging wines for a sunny climate.


Geoffrey Grosset is an iconic winemaker in the Clare Valley sector, in southern Australia, north of Adelaide, north of Barossa Valley.


This Australian terroir is considered to be one of the warmest there can be, with 70% production of red wines, 30% of white wines.


In the North-East part of the Clare Valley, there are terroirs of altitude. Above all, these are terroirs of acidic PH.


This Springvalde cuvée expresses well an altitude terroir on schists exposed due north. The riesling is tense, salty, pure, lemony, with citrus notes, a lime side ... With an infusion, root side.


This cuvée clearly shows that Australia, in certain wine-growing sectors, has the capacity to produce wines with low alcohol content and very digestible.




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