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Jura : Mysteries of a little-known region

Jura : Mysteries of a little-known region

Although geographically close to Burgundy, the French region best known for its wines, the Jura does not enjoy the same notoriety.


However, this region is also full of good wines and deserves to be known. This region is particularly famous for its yellow wine and its straw wine.


Strong identity, remained unknown for a long time, the Jura vineyard is in full renaissance. Proud of its origins and particularities, a new generation of winegrowers is bringing to light the exceptional quality and the great diversity of the wines of this small region.


Jura is mostly white wines, made from Chardonnay. Vinified alone, they sometimes lack power and class but find in some terroirs of Arbois and in the south of the Jura coasts an original and tasty expression for very reasonable prices.


But above all, the know-how of the Jura is found in the work around the Savagnin. It turns out to be an exceptional grape variety, rich in natural alcohol and acidity, and capable of taking the veil. This means that local bacteria form a beneficial veil in the barrel, which will protect the wine for six long years and allow it to slowly deepen its flavor. Elsewhere, we would get vinegar, here we make yellow wine, with the inimitable flavor of walnuts and morels.



Finally, a specialty of the Jura, straw wine is made from grapes picked at perfect maturity and put to dry on racks in the open air but more often in a room with an artificial blower. This drying naturally increases the concentration of sugar and dry extract; the result is sweet wines with a more powerful than subtle scent.

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