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The influence of California wines in the world

The influence of California wines in the world

The Californian vineyard has demonstrated an undeniable success: 80 years after Prohibition (1920–1933), it has become the fourth largest producer in the world, just behind France, Italy and Spain. It benefits from the strong demand of a domestic market which has experienced uninterrupted growth for more than twenty years. So all the lights seem to be green: the area under vines is increasing, the wine-growing areas are increasing, the number of wineries is constantly increasing, exports are growing. These dynamics are opposed to those of many European countries, including France.

The growth of the vineyard is impressive. It doubles its area between 1980 and today (93,000 ha in 1982, 194,000 today), which amounts to planting the equivalent of the entire Bordeaux vineyard. At the same time, the vineyard is experiencing remarkable internal processes. It tends to redeploy from the Central Valley, which is very hot and produces common wines, in the direction of the Pacific Ocean and the coastal mountains. This translation allows wine growers to offer better quality wines due to a fresher environment. Some valleys now enjoy world renown, such as the Napa or Sonoma valleys

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