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Here are a few words from Emmanuel Cruse, co-owner of Château d'Issan in Margaux:

Regarding the Bordeaux calendar, what about the flower festival, this great spring gathering of the world of wine in Bordeaux?

We are considering canceling this event. Officially, the decision will be made this week. There would be something indecent in wanting to maintain a festive event not essential for the business of Bordeaux today. This is not reasonnable. The board of directors will decide by written consultation. The strong tendency goes to the cancellation with possibly a postponement to the harvest period, to try to set up at this time an event which will be called "the harvest ban". We must advance step by step. But it is clear that the flower festival cannot take place in June as if nothing had happened.

And what about the early Primeur campaign, which was to take place in April. What's going to happen?

I hear that there are some who would like to maintain the early primeur campaign at any cost before summer. This seems illusory to me in the current context. I would be delighted, like all the owners, if we could carry out a primeur campaign at that time. But again, you have to be a little decent. The United States will be confined, Japan will be confined ... We will barely get out of it and half of the traders will be financially affected, because there will have been very few sales. Critics will not have had the opportunity to taste the wines, our customers will not have come to Bordeaux to realize the vintage ... Wanting at all costs forcing a hand at the markets would seem to me a proof of arrogance which we do not we don't need. It would be wiser to wait until the start of autumn if we want to have a good early product campaign. Finally, between the campaign of early primeur for the great vintages which usually takes place between mid-May and the end of June, and a postponement to the months of September and October, this is only a gap of 3 months. Given the period we are living in, this does not seem dramatic to me.

But the early Primeur campaign must absolutely take place ...

The worst thing would be not to run a primeur campaign because it is a distinctive element of the Bordeaux Grands Crus. This gives us global insight. If we do not organize it, this will give reason to some of our detractors who will be happy to say that the early vegetables in Bordeaux are useless.

Some owners have decided to organize their own early primeur campaign. That is to say that they have chosen to go to the American and Asian markets themselves, as soon as possible ... What do you think?

As soon as we can get back on planes with optimal safety, I will be the first to say that it is up to us to go and see our customers. I will certainly be the first to go to Vinexpo in Hong Kong to present the 2019 vintage to our Asian customers. But I don't see the end of the tunnel until the end of the summer. You have to know who to contact, who are the merchants who are ready to buy wines ... And what will be the state of the American market, of Asia, in a few months ...

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