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The future of the wine sector after the pandemic

The future of the wine sector after the pandemic

A harsh closing of 2020 is expected due to the impact of Covid -19 in the wine industry. But despite the pandemic, there are reasons to think in a prompt recovery.

There are hopeful reasons to believe that, based in the new trends. There has been more private consumption of higher quality. And there has been a radical change when it comes to counting and selling wine. Now it is enjoyed and shared on platforms such as Instagram.

A boom in virtual purchases has been especially noticed in most online wine stores, where they have received much more orders in the months of March to May, compared to 2019. An exponential growth with a demand comparable to the week before Christmas Eve. With a great increase in page views, which denotes a growing and unexpected interest, the average cart has raised, selecting more items per order. Probably we will remember this period as a unique opportunity for the food and beverage sector to gain an unprecedented presence on the online channel.

Wine lovers have proven to adapt their routines and continue betting on finding those moments of leisure that allow them to enjoy a glass of wine and keep on discovering new references. We will discover in the next months, if this social behavior and this new consumption habits continue to grow.

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