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Halloween is coming... The occasion to present you a superb tequila..

Halloween is coming... The occasion to present you a superb tequila..

Day of the Dead Edition 2020 - Clase Azul


Only 2 000 pieces were created for thus limited edition, 100 % collectible bottle. The Bottle is completely handmade by a small indigenous community called Mazahua. Each piece integrates the human spirit and values of Mexican culture within it. A limited edition that toasts to rebirth and celebrates one of the most important festivals and rituals in Mexico: The Day of the Death. 

This time, Clase Azul toasts with a specila Joven Tequila, which contains a delicate blend that brings together the best of Clase Azul Plata and Clase Azul Reposado, integrating hints from the king of the family-Clase Azul Ultra. 


A Toast to life 


A toast to rebirth, a new opportunity to transcend-an apportunity that the universe gives us. Since the ancient times of the Mayans, this is how they perceived death, and, through today, this is how Mexican culture has celebrated life, through death. The Day of the death is a day in which the Gods grant special permission dor souls that once filled bodies, to visit the world of the living. 

This original Mexican piece of art, painted in “bone” color, commemorates communication with the spiritual world. The bottle is adorned with skulls similar to the altars dedicated to the death, which illuminate all of Mexico on the 2nd of November every year. These symbolize unity, Strength and roots. 

Marigold flowers, which have twenty petals, have the pwer to guide the souls of the deceased, so they can return to their world, after their visit to our corporeal world. For this reason, they are used to adorn altars and home during this time. 


Tasting Notes 


COLOR : Light yellow tones, soft gold

BODY : Silky, rich and full 

NOSE : Cooked agave, caramel, vanilla, oak, light nut aroma, and subtle hints of peppermint.

TASTE : Agrave bacheed notes, vanillia and caramel.

SERVE AND SAVOR : Enjoy it neat, take the time to sip and taste its complex aroma and flavors.

Enjoy and have a thoroughly exquisite experience for Halloween... 

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