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The 2020 vintage was marked by atypical climatological conditions in Catalonia, the arrival of Mildew ravaged the vineyards, and some winemakers had plots affected between 70 and 100% in all the priorat. Regardless of this, it is a very interesting and promising vintage.  The good potential of the year is based on freshness and elegance.

With more than 100 years of history, Celler Masroig retains the essence and personality of the first day and accompanies it with the knowledge and innovations of the present. Founded in 1917, it is currently one of the references of the Montsant appellation of origin in the Priorat region.

The objective of Celler Masroig is to make a good product without leaving aside the respect for tradition. Garnacha and Cariñena (Mazuela) are the indigenous grape varieties of the region. Although these two varieties are the main ones in their territory, they consider the Cariñena as the basis of their wines. 

The work of the winemakers helps to maintain the beauty of a unique environment. The link with the landscape makes the difference between loving or simply making wine. The environment of Celler Masroig - the authentic, the traditional - is defined by a dry climate, hot in summer and cold in winter. Rain is generally absent and the winds, Mistral and Garbino, blow over the Priorat region on time, leaving the sky intensely reddish that paints their sunsets.

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